Is Chiropractic Care Good for Children?

February 16, 2021

Chiropractic care is an excellent and effective method of treatment for various different types of pain, from back pain, to neck pain, to degenerative conditions. But is chiropractic care just for adults or is it good for children, too?

Despite what a lot of people might think, chiropractic care is actually great for children and can help decrease chronic issues and improve their lives in many ways.

Here are several different reasons why chiropractic care is great for children:

1. Chiropractic care promotes healthy living.

When kids have a properly aligned back, they tend to have better posture and better overall health. By aligning the spine and the neck, gentle chiropractic adjustments also help to clear neural pathways, and support the central nervous system, helping the body to perform well overall, which is so important for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Getting an adjustment is great for treating common childhood issues.

Chiropractic care has proven its effectiveness in a number of studies for treating chronic cases of colic. Additionally, if your baby is congested, an adjustment can actually help drain the fluid from the ears, and can even help relieve asthma. It’s also great for reducing pinched or misaligned nerves that could possibly be affecting the bronchial tubes or lungs, giving your baby more space to breathe and helping them become less prone to common infancy issues.

3. It helps with breastfeeding.

The birthing process can be very tough on infants, and can misalign parts of their neck, shoulders, or spine. Getting an adjustment can help bring the baby’s body back into balance, and make it easier for them to latch on during breastfeeding because they are no longer in pain. This makes for a less stressful, more comfortable feeding process for them and for the mother.

4. Chiropractic care helps children sleep better.

Many parents have experienced nights of trying to get their kids to bed, and dealing with all of the stress involved with it. But many parents don’t realize, if your child has a misaligned vertebra, it can cause discomfort to the nervous system, sending signals throughout the body that keep them awake. Chiropractic care can be an effective solution to bring everything back into alignment and balance so that your kids, and you, can get some rest.

5. It can minimize the risk of injury.

While kids’ bones are much more durable and flexible than adults’ bones, they can still sustain injuries. By bringing your kids in for regular chiropractic care, it can help keep the joints and ligaments aligned and supple, preventing the more serious and damaging effects of injuries, and making your kids much less prone to them. As soon as your child starts to sit up, crawl, or walk and become more mobile, chiropractic care is a great treatment at that point to ensure a smoother transition and to help prevent potential injuries.

If you are considering chiropractic care for your kids and want to know more about adjustments and treatments, give us a call today at our clinic for additional information.

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